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PostSubject: English   English Icon_minitimeMon Mar 09, 2009 6:53 pm

1. No, not ever may you TEAM KILL (TK). You are permitted how ever 8 accidental TKs after which you will be BOOTED and possibly BANNED.

2. No RAMMING of any sort! NONE! This is not tolerated by Clan ~WR][RK~ and will result in an instant KICK or BAN!

3. No GLITCHING, SPAMMING, HACKING, STAT PADDING or anything else that will give you an unfair and unjustified advantage over other players. In plain, NO CHEATING!

4. We, Clan ~WR][RK~ reserve the right to KICK or move players to give space to our own members and or STACK them on the same team when they come online. If you do not agree to this, LEAVE!

5. Commanders my not Fly, Drive, attack or play the "Lone Wolf" role. Commanders "COMMAND" plain and simple. Commanders may how ever protect their own Titan; you may defend in any way possible as long as you stay aboard your Titan. If you do not follow these rules you will be KICKED from the server to give room for a Commander who will Command. You may also protect your main ďUNCAPĒ Base, meaning, you may jump down to the base kill what ever is there then return immediately to your Titan.

6. NO BASE RAPE ON UNCAPS! If you are RECON, you my Base Rape, any other solider may NOT! You will be KICKED if found.

7. Please for those Clan members visiting our Sever, donít recruit for your Clan. Itís our Server, itís our home, please treat it as youíd like us to treat yours. Thank you.

8. Keep the language to either English, Danish or Suomi. If you must write in your own language then please keep it to a minimum. Thank you.

9. Squad up people. Itís a team playing game so play as one. If you do not jump into a squad, you run the chance of being changed to the other team to either balance the teams or as a punishment for not joining a squad.

10. Do not ever place a KICK vote or MUTINY vote against any member of Clan ~WR][RK~. YOU WILL BE KICKED without question or a chance to explain!

11. Motion mines, Demo paks are not allowed to be put on the Titan shields ever! You will be kicked if and when found without warning.

12. No RDX Vehicls of any sort this falls under rule number 2 and will result in an instant Warning and if not followed, you will be kicked!

"Some men see things as they are and say why- I dream things that never were and say why not"
-- George Bernard Shaw
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